Friday, March 14, 2008

On to Zambia!

So, tonight is our last night in Arusha.  The next few days should be quite an adventure for us.  Tomorrow we are traveling 9 hours on a bus to Dar Es Salaam where we are basically on our own for 3 days.  You can be praying for our safety there if you want.  Then, next Tuesday, we are headed to Zambia on a train! The train ride is a whole day and we get to go through some national parks, so I'm real excited about it.  It was definitely sad saying bye to kids this evening, even though we will see them again in 2 months for a couple of days before we head back home.  Our time with them seemed to go by so fast, and I feel like there is so much more I wanted to say to some of them.  But its so fun to know that believers from around the world, and have hope that even though your chance is so tiny of seeing them again on Earth, you will be with them for eternity in Heaven.  It's a pretty sweet deal!  I hope that Spring break has been awesome.  I'd love to get some updates from some of you on what you did and how it was.  Love,


Nick Brandt said...

Sweet! Im e-mailing ya. Got your card and email recently....ur a baller.

Karen Guerra said...

Andrew & Zach! Amazing young men on an amazing trip that will leave you much better and different than before.I loved the raw sharing of Jesus in the bush when I was in Kenya! it resinates deep into the soul! What a blessing!! Love Karen Guerra Prayers sent up for you both

Angie Viscariello said...

Andrew and Zachary, I love yall so much and your stories! They are so encouraging! I miss yall and am praying for you daily!
your American sister,
Angie :}

JCragin said...

Andrew & Zach - You two are so awesome. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us - we miss you both and pray for you daily. Saw Taylor over spring break & talked about old times with you guys and getting together this summer.
Love you both- The Cragins