Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wer'e Still Alive!

So, it if kind of difficult to blog when you are living without eletricity, and using a computer means travelling 15 miles into town to an internet cafe. After a very long and sweet train ride, we made it into Zambia about 2 weeks ago. We stayed at one base in Kalungu for a week, and now we are at the other base in Zambia in Masaaiti. We really enjoyed the base at Kalungu, and felt like a part of the small family there consisting of South Africans and Zambians. It was really funny because all the little kids there called us Uncle Zach and Uncle Andrew. They were the cutest kids and always wanted us to play with them. Zach and I are actually living now at a place they call "The Farm." It is a building site about 5 miles from the actual base, and there are only 20 people there. We get to help in the building process of the new training centre. So far, we have built some shelves in a store room, and tomorrow we get to start building a grass hut where lunch will be cooked. The main guy has given us a lot of responsibility here in building things on our own ( I don't know what he is thinking.) I have a whole lot of things I really want to share, but I just am not able to. I'll just share a few important things. The transition to the base here in Zambia has been challenging for the two of us. I felt like I hit a wall and I lost focus and was kind of ready to go home. But at the same time, I thought this would happen and trusted God would work in me in the midst of being challenged. I trust He really wants me here now and has much work left to do in me and also through me. We have had great fellowship here, especially with some really fun South African guys our age. Thanks so much for your continued prayers, and I'm so sorry I can't communicate that much. But we will have plenty of adventures to share when we get back! God continues to reveal His deep love and grace to me, and I have had to rest in Him more lately as I have been challenged. Hope He is moving in each of your lives now as He is doing here. Love,

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Anonymous said...

wow!!! It is amazing what you guys are doing!!! God is incredible!! My friend and I stumbled across this somehow, and now it has made it to my Youth Group (I know it sounds strange). I hope that God continues to work in you guys!! Good luck and God Bless!