Monday, March 3, 2008

Kili Eve!

So the internet connection has been down for a while at the school, or else I would have written much sooner. In less than 24 hours, Zach and I will be on our way up the tallest free standing mountain in the world, Mt. Kiliminjaro. We are so excited!! It's going to be so sweet. Even though I would probably be too jealous to pray for a friend climbing Kili, especially while I was in school, I still am going to ask for prayer-that we would not get altitude sickness bad at all and that we would be completely captivated by God's glory (shouldn't be too difficult).

I can't write too long because its getting pretty late here, but I'll just give you a brief summary of our past week or so. We have been at the school all week. We have mainly been working on this super nice sand volleyball being built. We were working with about 20 other workers, so it was pretty fun. It is also frustrating though, because they honestly are not very hard workers. But its also probably difficult to work hard all day when you are making 2 dollars a day. That's seriously what they make here for an 8 hour day. Sucks huh. The best job we have had this week is building a frisbee golf course on the campus. We got to cut down a lot of stuff with a machete, which is always fun, and we just finished the course yesterday. No one has any clue how to play, so I'm excited about teaching some of the kids. Time with kids has been pretty fun this week. We did our laundry with them, and that was pretty fun. And last Saturday, we got to watch their talent show, which was very entertaining! I have one sad story about a kid though. His name is Freddie and I would love for you to pray for him. We got pretty close to him, but then he started getting in a lot of trouble at school. He has been stealing stuff and just got sent home the other day after he blew his last shot by taking Zach's clock. He was sent home for a few days, but we saw him again today back on campus. However, he wouldn't really talk to anybody and looked incredibly sad. I really feel bad for him.

This past Sunday, we went with Max and Gina and one other couple to this hot spring (it wasn't really hot) in the middle of the desert about 2 hours away. It was an awesome spot and really fun. The water was so clear and there was a little cave you could swim under where Max found a hippo skeleton in the back! And now, I am sitting at Max and Gina's, too excited to go to bed! I will definitely post pictures when we get back. Love you all and pray blessings on each of you. Just knowing people read this encourages me. Thanks!

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brett Rodgers said...

i miss you. micheal and i were talking about climbing the big hill. wow. you are really missed around here again. I hope god is meeting you there, i know you are suppossed to be there