Saturday, May 3, 2008

From Malaria to Bungee Jumping

As I write this, I'm sitting in a hostel in Livingston, Zambia ( home of Victoria Falls). Here we are doing a little sight seeing as we approach our final week in Africa. Apart from the malaria deal, our past few weeks have been wonderful. And to be honest, the week of malaria wasn't that bad. My body was definitely weakened in the time, but spiritually, the Lord really strengthened me and poured into me in my week of so much down time. Without a doubt, all your prayers played a huge part in that, so I thank you very much. I really loved continuing to learn from the head missionary couple at the Farm and also to see more of what God is doing in the surrounding villages. Although Satan still has many strongholds over a large population of the people, God is busy breaking them down. One of my favorite things at the Farm was to walk in the mornings or evening to the nearby school FCE started and pray over the kids and their families. It felt as if God was appointing me in that time to fight for Him in their lives. He gave me a real believing and confident Spirit when I would pray there.
Before our last week at the Farm, we got to go camping over the weekend with a group of 11 young missionaries. We stayed on a lake by a small national park and had a lot of fun. One evening, I literally had to throw sticks at these monkeys trying to steal our food. (Michael, I really wish you could have been there.) After a busy and good last week of working, we left on a bus last Thursday. We were partly excited to set out for our last stretch of travelling and especially to see the kids at Peace House in Tanzania, but also we were sad to leave. We both grew to love where we were and we really made some great friends there.
Yesterday, we got to see Victoria Falls! As with so many things we have seen in Africa, it was indescribable. I felt like a 8 yr. old at the biggest water park in the world. At one point, we took our shirts off and ran across the bride over the falls. We might as well been in a rainstorm with all the mist, and we came back absolutely drenched. It was fun to thing about the Falls being a tiny hint of the power and majesty of the Lord. I found a really cool verse as we sat by the edge of the rushing water in the evening. It is Psalm 29:3-4 and says "The voice of the Lord is upon the waters; the God of glory thunders, The Lord is over many waters. The voice of the Lord is powerful, the Voice of the Lord is majestic." This verse took on a lot of life sitting by Victoria Falls. Last thing: We got to go bungee jumping off the bridge at the Falls, and it was absolutely insane. We have some awesome pictures that I can't wait to try and upload once we get to Tanzania in a couple days.
Love you all and praying for lots of you often. I know all of you have stuff going on in your lives, and so it really means a lot to me that you take time to stay involved with what's going on with us over here. Just remember, finals shminals.
Still beardless Andrew( still hopeful) and Freakin Ape Boy Zach

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