Sunday, February 10, 2008

First Week-by Andrew

Hey! So I am attempting to write my first real blog about this adventure I am on. I want to write first about we have been doing, and then after, I will write more about what has been going on in my mind and my heart, for those of you that really want to know that stuff.

I can’t believe I have only been here 5 days, because I feel like I could write so much. The best way I can describe my time so far is very random and very good! We have spent a couple nights at my cousins and a couple nights at Peace House. I have slept in a very nice bed, and also in a very rickety bunk bed that Zach and I put together. I have gone to the bathroom in a toilet, on the grass, and in a very stinky hole in an outhouse. I have eaten a really good bacon hamburger and I have eaten a couple things I can’t pronounce the name of and really don’t enjoy putting in my mouth. I have taken bucket showers with a headlamp outside, in a house with no electricity, and outside in a special shower hut with a stone floor with a beautiful view of a 15,000 foot mountain. The shower outside facing the mountain is probably the best shower I’ve taken in my life, but I won’t go into that, because that is pretty weird to talk about. We have been going to bed very early, before 10 every night cause we are so tired, and getting up early. Most of the day, Zach and I have spent walking around the school property doing random little projects, like hanging up whiteboards in classrooms, planting grass, building our own toilet for our outhouse, and spray painting trees that we will have to start moving tomorrow. We get an awesome tea break around 10:45, which I really wish I could have everyday of my life! My favorite part of our days so far though has been trying to get to know all the kids. They are so great and so nice, which makes it hard because I want to get to know them so bad but they do not know much English, so it is pretty difficult. But smiles and the thumbs up have gone a pretty long way. We are learning a lot of their names, and we are getting more comfortable with each other already. They love soccer and we are trying to introduce the Frisbee, which has been real funny! I am so excited but the rest of the time we have here to hang out with them. And I am confident that the Lord is able to spread His love through us even if we can share very few words. They all come from either families that no longer are there or very hard homes, so there is a lot of pain in each one of them. But it has been such a joy to listen to them sing, and laugh, and hear them say how thankful they are to be in school. Wow! If only I could say that honestly. All in all, we have had a lot of fun and are so excited to be here.

As for what’s going on in my mind and in my heart, I will try to write a little, even though I’m not sure of it all. Honestly, things feel pretty ordinary right now. Yes, I am in a part of the world so much different that what I am used to, but my days still involve trying to pursue the Lord, often failing, but remaining in His glorious grace. I have had no times of intense emotion or even a time when I felt extremely close to the Lord. I tried to come here not expecting much, but at the same time I am confident that the Lord has so much to teach me about Himself and myself, and I long for Him to use this time to draw me much closer to Him. I am so excited about the amount of time in my day that is free, and that I will have to spend directly with Him. Please pray that my desire for that intimate time with Him would really grow. I read the first couple chapters of the book, Celebrating Disciplines by Richard Foster, and it really encouraged me to “increase the weight” in my spiritual walk with Christ, meaning pursue Him at a higher level, and incorporate more ways in which He can work in me and through me. Please pray with me that God’s love will be revealed to each and every kid at Peace House. Also, please pray with me for the other two volunteers here right now who are not believers. I love each of you so much. Thanks to everyone who wrote me letters of encouragement and Scripture. What a joy and blessing! May God’s will be done in each of our lives, and let us remind ourselves daily that He is deserving of all praise and glory! Miss and love you,

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Nick Brandt said...

i miss you bro---i am still reading, and as always praying for you and zach!

i happened to google you and zach today just to get to your blog (i didnt remember the address) but someone else had written about you two in thier blog! They are a family from Arusha Tanzania also...I will look it up later to get their names...but it sounds like you both are really blessing everyone with your hard work.

Know that you are constantly both being prayed for and I have a great confidence in knowing that God is shaping you to be stronger and stronger in His name for his kingdom.

love ya bro!

oh p.s. played basketball this mornin with your bro and a bunch of guys...hit 5 threes in one game...very uncommon for me...but you would have been proud ;)